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VARIA MOBILE, Seattle, WA            2007 to 2009
A development-intensive startup venture, formed by a management buyout of AOLís wireless division, which produced wireless content delivery systems for product carriers and consumers.


Directed all aspects of product planning and marketing, which included overseeing the overall product direction, for line ofRhapsody ibizawireless portable media players. Managed financial modeling, revenue projections, and operating budgets for the company. Coordinated the activities of the development organization, which included 26 developers, to ensure overall schedule and deliverables for the product line were met. Interfaced directly with retailers and product reviewers to pitch and demonstrate the product benefits.

    • Launched Rhapsody ibiza line of PMPs, which received technical acclaim from key technology product review forums such asCnet,Yahoo Tech,and theTimes.
    • Spearheaded the development of the first WiFi-enabled PMP player (3rd) that could be sold for under $100 through aggressive component sourcing and design modifications. Reduced production cost of the original design by more than 50%.
    • Developed product specifications and design concepts for cellular connected media and social networkingdevices to be used by a variety of manufacturers, carriers, and content providers such asT-Mobile, Orange Sky Entertainment Group, RCA,andHaier.
    • Developed a product roadmap/strategy that generated extremely positive response from major retail customers.


AOL, Seattle, WA                   2006 to 2007
American global Internet services and media company that once had more than 30 million subscribers across several continents, which merged with Time Warner.


    Hired to lead the portable platform strategy for the new wireless division formed by the merger of recently acquiredWildseed, Ltd. with theTegic Communicationspredictive text division. Conducted extensive worldwide quantitative and qualitative ethnographic research that provided detailed data illustrating how users in cultures throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia acquired, managed, and utilized media for various devices and technologies.

    • Created detailed pitches and marketing requirement documents that presented clients with the opportunity to provide their customers with a compelling content experience, across multiple device platforms, by integrating AOLís content services and technologies with their own.
    • Collaborated with major Korean cellular provider,KTF, to produce the product roadmap for integrating with AOLís service platform. Closed initial $500,000 deal, which was the first step for securing far more lucrative next-generation device opportunities.
    • Developed and managed all communication and messaging, from concept to media / analyst demonstrations, for major trade events includingCITA, 3GSM,andCES. This included tie-ins with projects outside of the wireless space.


MICROSOFT CORPORATION, Redmond, WA       1995 to 2006
A multinational computer technology company that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of software products for computing devices.

    Research Manager,Mobility(2004-2006)

    User Research Manager,PC(1999-2004)

    User Research Lead,Finance Products(1995-1999)

    Managed overall research impacting product planning of several key software and hardware products, with a focus on improving the customer experience. Led multiple new product development initiatives in collaboration with diverse internal and external stakeholders, which included conducting primary research to developing product specifications. Managed 8 direct reports and held budgetary responsibility for up to $1 million. Product lines includedWindows Mobility, Tablet PC,andFinance Products.

    • Created and managed first joint venture withIntelfor studying computing needs and usage in mobile situations, which led to the first designs and marketing of mobile Internet devices and netbooks.
    • Collaborated with OEMs and ODMs to develop functional and feature requirements for highly portable computers, which enabled them to refine their roadmaps and product features based on a better understanding of user and market needs.
    • Developed initial feature and functional requirements for Tablet PC, a product introduced by Bill Gates at the Comdex 2001 that received many awards for technology innovation.
    • Piloted a major shift in product research by re-directing the focus from finding applications for existing technologies to identifying technologies that solved user needs.
    • Initiated an innovative new approach for Microsoft Money, emphasizing user experience over simplified measures of product usability, which contributed to significant gains in market share and closed the gap with major competitor,Intuitís Quicken.


COMPAQ COMPUTER CORPORATION, Houston, TX           1993 to 1995

    Once the largest supplier of personal IBM-compatible computing systems in the world, which was acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 2001.

    Human Factors Engineer

    Developed continual improvements in product design and customer experience for multiple hardware products and software applications. Created and implemented software and industrial design directions for a variety of products.

    • Introduced in-depth ethnography to promote a better understanding of the use of servers in a corporate environment, which provided the impetus for numerous product innovations such as hot-swappable components, rack-mounted servers, and optimal usage of built-in pointing devices.
    • Specified, designed, and prototyped an on-computer diagnostic display that slashed the amount of time required for making critical device repairs.


LOCKEED / NASA, Clearlake, TX                1990 to 1993

    A leading global security company principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration of advanced technology systems, products and services.

    Human Factors Research Associate

    Conducted and managed research projects on astronauts and mission controllers for understanding computer interactions with manned space flights. Designed experiments and tested astronauts on ability to interact with computers in zero-gravity situations.



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