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2 MAR 2010     Seriously?

There has been a lot of buzz about the Notion Ink Adam.  Itís basically an Android Tablet with a PixelQi display.  The premise is that it will allow the device to have a very long run time with a relatively small battery.  While some of the blogs have indicated that this will be an extremely competitive device with the iPad, after watching this video I was left pretty underwhelmed. There is some great technology in the product, but there is no clear differentiation from a software or content ecosystem. Thus those who want to tinker and build some interesting application have a platform on which to do so, but thereís nothing here to recommend to the average user...  more


23 FEB 2010      Broadcomís Strategy and a Big Box Retiailer Conquers the World!

If At Mobile World Congress, Broadcom showed of their chipset with a new tablet ecosystem theyíre calling PERSONA. At the core of this strategy is ICE -- Information, Communication and Entertainment.  The key concept is that all of these assets are shared across all devices in the consumerís home. Thus the tablet is able to talk to the TV, PC, phones, home security system, etc in order to control monitor, route or view... more


19 JAN 2010      My Ideal Tablet

If rumors are true, Apple will be releasing the details of the next great ďconsumer tabletĒ. Speculation has whipped up into a frenzy and has a lot of people wishing and hoping.  Needless to say, Iíll be very surprised and delighted if they actually build something that Iím willing to wait in line to purchase...  more


14 JAN 2010      CES and Tablets

Last week was the annual trek to Vegas everyone is vying for the spotlight with their latest gadgets and technologies. As I reflect on what Iíve seen at the show, it was clear that on the show floor, there really werenít any break out products or new technology that was dramatically different. Itís true that Intel and LG did have a tiny PC-phone running a Moorestown processor, but honestly thatís something that isnít ready for primetime nor is it really all that interesting, yet.... more




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